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The primary purpose of Writers’ Guiding Dreams is to encourage writers to use their nighttime dreams to guide their writings. Tips for beginning writers and tips for pathways to writing well open the book. Pay attention to grammar; poor grammar overshadows good content. Take breaks from intensive mental concentration to listen for creative insights, resist pushing just to complete the final edits, and, stay relaxed and jolly, however busy you are. However busy you are can include attempts to complete one writing category before you go to the next. For instance, one dream titled “Dormant State” (June 2004) apprised the dreamer-writer of a long wait before she would complete her counselor education writings and could begin her work for the eventual A Dream-Guided Meditation Model and the Personalized Method for Interpreting Dreams (Routledge, 2017) Edits are a major part of writing as Writers’ Guiding Dreams shows. A few of the dream-guided edits in the book are: •Guided How to Reformat Table Rows for Compatibility with Personal Computers •Data within the Computer That I have Been Unaware Of •Explain the Wilcoxon statistical test •Review the Six Personalized Method For Interpreting Dreams (PMID) Chapters One More Time •The Editors will Accept The Counselor’s Guide Manuscript with no Major Exceptions •An Edit is Needed in a Reference List •One Word Needs to be Italicized •Inscription for the Book Cover Roderick Mackenzie, Janice Baylis, and Ann Hollier share dreams in one chapter of the book. One dream guided Mackenzie to write, Nigh

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