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The first edition of this book was published in 2003 under the title Holistic Wellness with Tachyons by authors Martina Bochnik and Tommy Thomsen, who were also the original creators of Terra Tachyon products.Although the part referring to the mode of use and the daily applications are still valid and are also found in this new edition, the world context, the evolution of personal consciousness and the spirits of the times have changed so much in these 18 years that it has been necessary to update the presentation of the role of the Tachyons to our reality of today.As intelligent and sensitive energy, the tachyons on Earth are perfectly adapted to the specific characteristics of their environment. Therefore, until now we have been guided, taught and shown only a fraction of our own possibilities that corresponded to what we as humans were capable of understanding and integrating.We are now graduating. As humanity, globally we have left elementary school. The current era with its energetic upheavals and the progressive disappearance of conventional social structures, forces us to grow at an accelerated pace and embrace a broader vision of who we are.Sometimes it is overwhelming, sometimes it is exciting. In these unique moments of our history, the tachyons are still by our side, opening doors to unsuspected new perspectives.To accompany us on this journey, the tachyons always offer us their unconditional support so that we can tune into the evolutionary purpose of Life.We wanted this book to be an easily understandable handbook of information about the theory of tachyon energy both from a modern scientific perspective and an updated view of spirituality for today, as well as a source of practical indications for the beneficial use of tachyon products. It is also an opportunity to remember and honor the pioneering work of the creators of Terra Tachyon.

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